My Plan to Make 5-Figures Online

My Amazon KDP Experiment

Kristi Jacobsen
3 min readJun 21, 2023
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While I once could say I was a solopreneur and virtual assistant with all the know-how of the online world, I spent the greater part of the last year heads down in my full-time job. I kept up with a platform here and a platform there, but mostly the ones I used to maintain a small side income from virtual assistant work. So when Instagram sent a feed post my way about someone making five figures with Amazon KDP, I was 1. hooked on finding out more information on the program and 2. a little shocked I never heard of it before.

So of course, like all my past ventures (Medium included) I dug into how I could make this work and earn the money that people were claiming to make. After buying a course and then searching articles on Medium, I realized I was late to the KDP game, especially when it comes to low-content books. I still wanted to give it a go, because what would it cost me other than the course ($27) and my time?

The Experiment

I love experimenting with platforms and programs. In the past, I’ve created:

· two podcasts

· more blogs than I can count

· a pocasting e-course

· a virtual assistant business



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